Hudson Is Kicking Cancer!

I am raising money during my 2021, Senior CHS Football Season for Lung Cancer Research. I’d like for you to sponsor my kicking for my final season as a Dragon. If you would, consider donating any dollar amount for each point I make, it will make a difference. For example, I scored 3 points in the last game, CHS vs Raleigh Egypt.  If you pledged $1/point, you would donate $3. I will be kicking for the entire season, including playoffs, so we will add up all of the points for the entire season and you can make your total pledge at the very end of the season. If you would rather just donate a flat dollar amount, that would be appreciated as well. Help Me Kick Cancer!

WHEN: The ENTIRE CHS 2021 Football Season, you can make a pledge at any time.

WHERE: At each Collierville High School HOME and AWAY game, including the Playoffs.

WHY: To help Hudson Kick Cancer by raising funds for Lung Cancer Research.

If you’d like to help Hudson Kick Cancer, please fill-out the short form below and Gina will contact you to discuss your donation.

Join Hudson in His Effort to Kick Cancer!

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